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Get the Purest Oils with the Stainless Steel Cold & Hot Oil Extractor

Get the Purest Oils with the Stainless Steel Cold & Hot Oil Extractor

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Introducing the stainless-steel cold and warm oil extractor, the appropriate kitchen tool for everybody looking to extract the purest oils from nuts, seeds, and exclusive elements. This long-lasting and top-notch oil press is designed to successfully eliminate oil from flax, sunflower, and olives. Thanks to temperature manipulation and a particularly hardened chamber, you may make sure that your oil is extracted at an appropriate temperature and as successfully as possible. 

 The stainless-steel oil pan is constructed to stay and is straightforward to smooth after use. Whether you're a domestic cook dinner or a professional chef, the chrome steel warm and bloodless oil press is the correct device for developing pure, healthy oils for cooking, baking, and more.  Say goodbye to saving bought oils packed with components and preservatives and experience the purest oils possible with the stainless-steel cold and warm oil extractor. 

Thanks to the smooth-to-use design, you could fast create your non-public extraordinary oils. So why accept much less even if you could get terrific? Get a chrome steel bloodless and warm oil press nowadays and begin playing the purest oils for all your cooking desires.

Health oil squeezed by yourself!


Product model: X8S
Control mode: Intelligent panel control
Product material: stainless steel
Press speed:4-6kg/hour
Power consumption:0.82kwh/hour
Package size:43*29*21
Product accessories:Press chamber,press rod,hopper,oil cup,filter screen,thermal insulation gloves, power cord,slag elbow.

Operation method:

1.Turn on the power supply, the machine will automatically set to 200 °C for heating, and the preheating countdown will start. The temperature can be adjusted according to different raw materials
2.After the countdown is completed, press and press, and put in the raw materials to discharge the oil
3. After the press is completed, press the reverse direction to remove the press chamber and the press rod for cleaning for next use

Corresponding plug adapter available for you according to your region. Please refer to the image above for selection. (Note: These plug adapters not civered within the after-sale service) 1. AU PLUG For Australia 2. EU PLUG For Israel and Switzerland etc. 3. UK PLUG For United Kingdom 4. US PLUG For United States and Japan etc.

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